How you can help

The model that we have developed has a proven track record over a period of 7 years and our desire is to be able to replicate it in other areas in Mongolia. To do this, teachers need to be salaried, gers need to be built and supplies need to be bought.

We do not want to create a dependency on the school by families. Rather we want to inspire in them a standard of excellence and provide them with the first steps that help them get out of the poverty cycle.

There are many ways people will be able to partner with in helping sustain the current project and to help us expand into the future. What follows is a list of the needs of the project and how you can contribute to them.

We would like to invite people to partner with us and help break the poverty cycle in Mongolia...

Kindergarten project

  • The cost of salaries, meals, health care, educational materials and social work action with families is US$3,500 per month for one kindergarten.
  • The cost to replicate the kindergarten in another centre, including development of the infrastructure and teacher training is US$15,000.

Informal Education Project

  • The cost of the informal education project, including salaries, meals, educational materials, health care and social action is US$1,500 per month.

Reading Programme

  • The development and printing costs for the Reading Programme are expected to be US$50,000. This includes salaries for authors and artists, printing, marketing and distribution with training for users. Interaction with the Mongolian Department of Education will be a key part of this programme.

NOTE: In the USA, contributions made directly through our partner, the Centurion Project, are tax deductible.

  • If you are based in the UK and would like to set up a standing order please CLICK HERE to download the relevant form.

  • For all INTERNATIONAL DONORS please download our banking transfer intructions by CLICKING HERE.