Khuslen Kindergarten is the core project in our work to break the poverty cycle in Mongolian families. We provide up to 40 children a year (aged 3-7) with a quality, child centred education in a Mongolian context.

Classes are taught in traditional Mongolian gers (circular tents) and are taught traditional songs and poems. They grow up with a love and appreciation for their culture. The gers are warm, secure and colourful, and so provide an excellent environment for the learn-through-play aspects of the programme.

Many of the children arrive at classes on a Monday morning having eaten no more than two bowls of rice over the weekend. We therefore provide them with vitamin rich, healthy food three times a day. We arrange bi-annual medical checkups for the whole family, regular de-worming and eye testing so that the medical needs of the whole family are addressed. In this process, we have identified several children with severe malnutrition problems, as well as major concerns such as heart malfunctions and hip dysplasia. In partnership with World Vision, Vision Eye Clinic and Samaritans Purse, we have seen these problems addressed.

When children from our Kindergarten enter the public system we find that they are often emotionally more mature than their peers, and are significantly more confident in interacting with their teachers. In fact we find that they are two years ahead of their peers in their ability to read and write. We recently surveyed all the previous students, and found that even in high school, the children have retained the advantage they have over their peers, and they have staying school. This for us is a clear indication of the success of the project.