Mission statement

To establish kindergartens and informal education centers throughout Mongolia, with the objective of producing free thinking, curious and entrepreneurial students who will contribute to breaking the poverty cycle in Mongolia by being the future job creators of the nation.


  • To establish kindergartens in major rural centers, based on the highly successful model in Ulaanbaatar;
  • To establish Informal Education Centers in different parts of the country to enable disadvantaged children to re-enter the education system and escape the poverty cycle;
  • To provide good nutrition to students, holistic primary health care for the whole family of any student, and family consultation services to address issues such as alcohol abuse, poverty, family violence and other issues connected to the poverty cycle.
  • To contribute towards alleviating the migration to cities by addressing education needs in rural areas.
  • To develop, and provide for national distribution, a primary reading programme that can be used by both adults and children to achieve the first steps in literacy.

Immediate Development Potential :

  • We have requests and local government approval to establish either kindergartens or informal education centers in at least three rural areas;
  • We have regular requests from regional education departments to send our teachers to provide training in contemporary child centered education methods;
  • The artistic and proof reading of the material for the literacy programme has been completed, and needs to be printed and distributed.