Reading Program

The third part of the Khuslen Education Project focuses on meeting the educational needs of children living in rural areas. The Mongolian boarding school system has virtually broken down, and so families with children are faced with the difficult choice of staying on the land, with their herds, and depriving their children of education, or moving into the cities where there is high unemployment in order to get access to schools. Those that do move into a city, having sold their herds and means of income, often end up deep in the poverty cycle, with accompanying problems of alcohol, crime and abuse.

To address this huge need, we are developing a beginner's reading programme which can be taught to children by semi-literate parents, or can be used to develop adult literacy. The programme is bilingual, because the demand for reading material in English has grown tremendously in the last ten years.

As this program is published and released, it will help alleviate a major pressure point in the Mongolian social fabric.